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Simply put, an attempt at the finest cards for your money on the internet!

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Well, lets start with the paper. These cards… are not your every other internet store bought business card. They mean business; and it’s because of the paper. If you want to make a good product… great product you can’t start right out of the gate with a subpar, bargain brand material as your foundation. All of our cards start out right with a 16pt stock and it is for this same reason that they are successful at leaving an impression with your customers. We get more positive feedback on the heft of them than finish and color combined. You will find that many of our colleagues in the industry will look to sell you a 12pt stock or maybe even 14pt stock as a better value. This is not a better value unless you are also getting to hand pick a premium stock with a defining characteristic, but more on this somewhere else later. These bargain cards typically wont hold up in your wallet, let alone make a good impression with your customers when you go to hand them out. And what are you paying for if not just that?

Now onto the process… and I mean that in more ways than one. For the most part, as there are always exceptions, our cards are printed using Van Son Inks. This isn’t some paid endorsement or ploy its just the truth and many of you will probably find it irrelevant information, but this actually is another big difference when it comes to quality. Our 35+ years of putting ink on paper have allowed us to trial many different brands, but we feel that Van Sons just produces a consistently superior image in terms of how vibrant, sharp, and true to color it is.

The last thing we do to these cards is apply the finish, well other than cut them up and box them that is. We are offering three flavors of finishing here for the moment, but we will probably add another product to allow for truly uncoated cards in the raw in the future. We just haven’t settled on what stocks to offer for that option as this 16pt high white really isn’t appealing without a coating. You really need a natural white for that sort of thing or some of those Neenah Environment stocks. I digress though. These finishing options are exactly what you’d expect. The Matte option is a dull coat varnish which leaves the cards coated and thus protected, but without a high sheen. The Shiny option is a UV cured varnish that leaves the wet high gloss optics. The Silky option is probably my personal favorite of the three. It is actually a lamination of translucent plastic to the cards. It isn’t the look of this one that makes it cool, but rather the feel of it. It is a comparable tactile experience to that of new phone packaging.

Oh, and I almost forgot the corners. Not that we are trying to cut any. The corner rounding option is for a quarter inch round only. If you are looking for something other than quarter inch rounds on all four corners you will need to reach out to us via email. We probably have the dies for what you are looking for. Including all the different options just kind of felt like it cluttered up the page for a feature that has somewhat gone out of style in recent years.

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